Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Psy manager: Malaysian govt did not pay for the Penang performance.

A statement issued by Psy's agency. The statement says that PSY's performance didn't pay by our government nor using taxpayers' money. They also saying that the rumour circulating on the internet about the issues totally false.

Here the news that quoted from NSTP :

In a statement issued to Bernama today, the management stressed that news and articles circulating on the internet, suggesting otherwise were therefore pure conjecture and manifestly untrue.

"Scooter Braun Projects wishes to categorically state that we have never been engaged or paid by the Malaysian government for the artist's recent performance in Penang, Malaysia," said the statement.
The management also denied allegations on blogs claiming that the Malaysian government sponsored the artist's performance at the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House, last Monday.  

Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib  Razak clarified that the performance by Psy at the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House did not involve any public money.       

He also said the public was not charged a fee to watch the artiste who popularised the 'Gangnam Style' dance moves.  Psy's show was one of the highlights of the well-attended event organised by the Penang Barisan Nasional at the Han Chiang College.  -   BERNAMA

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Let say that we believed that the government didn't pay the performers. Meaning they been paid by someone else. This 'someone' been called as private sector. Do you know the meaning of private sector and their main purpose? 


Whatever they been doing or wanted to do, their aim must be THE PROFIT in the first place. So if they are willing to pay PSY, does this mean something?

If the government is telling the truth, taxpayers' money didn't went to psy, then there must be a something else behind all of this. We can say that there might be a tender or a project that this private firm would get. As return. Exchange. Of course. Otherwise who would pay a huge money just to watch 8-minute performance? You think RM2million such a small amount? Even a big company will be shaky after seeing the amount. 

You can read this also. The blog is writing about the connection of Prai Power Plant with Psy's performance. And it also stated that MEGA ULTIMATE's finance report, the company that brings psy to malaysia only gain 40,000 per year as profit in 2011. It's a nett profit. You got 40,000 per year and you are about to pay 2million to PSY? What a joke.

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