Thursday, March 28, 2013

BN's sex blogger sacked from force for bribery, confirms police.

Umno's supporters use this papa gomo blog as reference to condemn pakatan rakyat leaders especially when it involves to PKR and DAP matters.

His intergrity has been questioned but being questioning about other intergrity? You should check in front of the mirror first, papa gomo.

Apparently you will go down, together with your blog and fellas. 

Read this.  

The police today has confirmed BN supporter Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who runs the explicit blog Papagomo, was a police officer who was sacked after a criminal conviction.

The statement by the police comes as a response to the discovery that Azri had been still listed as a postal voter despite being no longer a policeman.

■ Azri seen here at a pro-UMNO gathering

“On September 6, 2012, the officer was found guilty and was sentenced. Then a disciplinary committee proceeding was taken against him and this officer was sacked effectively on September 6, 2012,” said police spokesman Mortadza Nazarene.

“Thus, this officer is no longer listed in our record as a postal voter,” he added.

Earlier, Harakahdaily reported that Azri's name is listed as a convict on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's online database showing those guilty of bribery.

According to the entry (see here), Azri, slapped with a RM100 million defamation suit by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, was guilty on two counts of bribery to release Mohd Rahyudi bin Mokhtar, who was found with syringes used for drug abuse, in 2004.

Following that, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli revealed that Azri’s name was registered twice, as normal voter and postal voter, on EC's database.

He was listed as postal voter attached to the Ampang police district under police identity number RF142863, as well as a voter in Wangsa Maju under his MyKad 830121035019.

A day after the revelation, Azri’s record as postal voter was removed by EC.

Source : HarakahDaily.

Clip shows UMNO-backed MP insulting Hindu deities.

Here is the clip. I give this to Indian Community to decide by themselves..


Zulkifli Nordin has spoken

Kalau tuan2 tanya orang hindu.. eh ane.. betul2 cerita you sembah sapa.. [2x] ini tuhan kepala gajah ka.. ini murugan tongkat sampai 14 tingkat punya .. betul2 cerita you sembah sapa..  dia akan kata apa..?

Baru ni berlaku banjir besar di kolumpo.. baru ni..  di pertengahan jalan antara wisma yakin dengan maideen ada kawasan jual bunga malai hindu punya bunga yang hari jumaat dia nak beli nak pakai sembahyang tu. Di situ ada kedai2 yang menjual peralatan peribadatan hindu. Antaranya kedai jual tuhan hindu. Tuhan gajah tuhan murugan pegang tongkat macam batu caves tu. Tuhan kepala kudanya. Lembu saktinya. 8 tangannya. Ada yang dibuat dari kayu. Ada yang dibuat dari batu. Dari marmar. Dibuat dari marble. Dibuat dari tembaga pun ada. 

Yang canggih yang tinggi sikit tu.. yang ada lampu tu. Mata. Benda tu ada lampu. Hah macam lampu kamera ni. Merah lip lip lip lip. Yang tu sampai rm900 ringgit pun ada. Mahal.

Nak jadi cerita banjir baru ni. Teruk. Air naik sampai 4 kaki. 4 kaki bukan kat bawah basement wisma yakin. 4 kaki dekat Selangor Mansion tu. Selangor Mansion tu lif dia tenggelam. Cuba bayangkan. Selangor Mansion tu lif tenggelam. Orang yang meniaga kat depan bazaar tu. Masjid India yang air selalu cecah kat tangga nu tempat wudhu dia pun tenggelam. Wisma Yakin tempat orang yang jual baju melayu yang tinggi tu air naik satu kaki. Lif Wisma Yakin pun tenggelam. So bayang punya tinggi air.

Tambahla kedai hindu ni lagila tenggelam pasal dia dekat bawah. Jadi dah lama lepas banjir tu pun saya tanya. Kan dorang tengah jual longgok2 semua. Kita pun tanya. 

"Ane.. apa macam itu ari banjir ? You punya kedai ane.. ?

" Habis semua .. "

" Habis semua? "

" Habisssss "

" Semua habis hancur patah habis semua habis.. "

Saya kata semua ka?

" Semua "

Sama tuhan pun kena ka?

Tuhan pun kena dia kata.

Tuhan pun kena. Hah tuhan pun kena.. apa macam tuhan boleh kena. Eh ane itu tuhan patut dia tuhan tau. Apa pasal ane takde atur ane punya tuhan depan kedai kata ohh woooww air stop. Pergi itu amna kedai mamak sana kasi banjir. Ini tuhan punya kedai. Apa pasal takde bikin itu macam. Suruh itu tuhan. Tuhan patut mau tolong kita. Kalau tuhan air pun tak boleh tahan. Apa lagi dia boleh buat.. air pun tak boleh tahan ka.. suruh dia tahan la itu air. Dia kata apa kat saya?

Hey dei tambi.. mana boleh. Itu batu la

Dia pun tahu. Dia marah kita pula. Hey dei tambi. Itu batu la. MARAH. Sampai terpaksa jual longgok tuan2. Tuhan dia tu yang patah2, yang pecah2 kena jual longgok. Yang mahal rm900 ada lampu tu jadi rm60. Jadi RM90. Tanya la dia..

Hey ane apa pasal ini. Banyak mahal ada lampu punya. Jadi RM90 saja?

Dia bateri sudah habis. Dia punya wayar sudah shot. Tuhan punya wayar pun shot. Berebut hindu beli tuhan. Yang gajah tu. Yang ada belalai. Dia patah kan. Berebut beli. Murah. Kita punya tanya.

" Aci apa pasal beli ini tuhan? Ini tuhan gajah dia punya belalai sudah patah. "

'' Takpa. Balik kita taruk plaster. "

Tuhan dia boh plaster. Last2 dia pun. Dia pun tahudia pun tahu bodoh ye tak. Last2 kita tanya dia. Ane aci betul2 cerita. You sembah apa tuhan? You betul2 cerita you sembah apa tuhan? Ini tuhan sudah patah pecah banjir air pun tak boleh tahan. 

" Kita sebenarnya ada besar punya tuhan. Kita ada besar punya tuhan. "

" Apa pasal takda sembah itu besar punya tuhan? Apa pasal pakai ini kicik2 gajah kuda ular semua? "

Ohh dia kata kita takda suci. Hindu kepercayaan central mereka dia, kita manusia tak suci. Sebab tu semua kepercayaan hindu mesti kepada kesucian. Dia nak mandi, dia mandi sungai ganga. Sungai ganga kat india tu. Tuan2 pernah pergi sungai ganga? Saya pernah pergi sungai ganga. Nak kata suci macam mana. Bangkai ayam dok berjalan. Dengan kayu balak kecik2 tu pun timbul. Dia macam mana kata suci. Dia kata suci lantak ko la. 

Sebab itu Hindu bila dia Thaipussam... vel vel vel tu kan. Awal2 dah minta neraka wel. Dia minta neraka wel. Wel wel wel wel wel wel.. Bila dia buat tu kenapa dia pecahkan kelapa? Kenapa hindu tak pecahkan buah betik ke? Buah tembikai ke. Ni musim durian kan. Awat tak pecahkan buah durian pap pap.. rasa melayu pun rebut pergi. 

To anyone who wants to copy this writing, i give all of you the permission. If there was any mistaken of this writing feel free to re-correct for me. Thanks.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gerakan’s Teng says received threat from Perkasa.

Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow today alleged of a threat from Malay rights group Perkasa over his dispute of its role in an anti-Pakatan Rakyat rally yesterday.
An irked Teng yesterday proclaimed that Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) would not have participated had it known the rally was by Perkasa.
Today, the Penang BN chairman received a text message allegedly from Perkasa threatening to withdraw its support for Gerakan because of his statement.
The text message read: “You think Gerakan candidates can win without Malay Perkasa votes? Perkasa members can stay at home where Gerakan contest. No problem. Tq. Sec gen Perkasa.”

Go to police la. Report to police. If you think PERKASA threat you then report to the police. Making a press statement wouldn't help us to keep your safety what..  like rakyat cares enough about you..

With or without PERKASA, i am wondering if GERAKAN can win hugely in Penang. There is a sign that GERAKAN cannot take back PULAU PINANG as before.

And the most important thing, who cares if you are not supporting PERKASA and its racist movement? You are still in BN and still apart of racist movement. PERKASA is racist and that doesn't mean BN isn't.

These parties, if we can consider PERKASA as party too, since Ibrahim Ali wants to contest on PERKASA's ticket.. are both racist in their own ways.

We should stay away from both parties, both sides.

This typical drama, we won't buy anymore. NEXT, please.   

Stupid things politicians say ― Fikry Osman.

Yes, we know it’s silly season in Malaysia. You can tell by reading what the politicians are saying these days in the run-up to the 13th general election (GE13) that could happen in the next few weeks.
These politicians sometimes say the dumbest and most obvious things. Tan Sri Shahrir Samad said today that the DAP is out to destroy MCA by sending its big guns to Johor.
Wow, this is really brilliant deduction.
I guess he could not have said the DAP is focussing on Johor because of the number of urban seat there, the number of Chinese voters, and that the abysmal record of Datuk Ghani Othman and hangers-on like Shahrir and others make the southern state a good target.
So let’s follow Shahrir’s logic: DAP is targeting MCA. What is wrong with that? After all, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is telling all and sundry how strong his party is. His mouthpiece, The Star, is whacking the DAP every day.
So instead of running and hiding, DAP is going in search of its foe. Lim Kit Siang can choose to stay in safe Perak or Penang but is willing to take on Soi Lek in Gelang Patah.
And what is Soi Lek doing? Still hiding and hoping that some Umno guy will come to his aid, which is what Shahrir did.
We now have Umno shielding MCA again. It did that previously when the late Tun Ghafar Baba acted as party president to quell the quarrel between two feuding parties.
And now, again because MCA is weak. All Soi Lek can do is complain and ditch people he doesn’t like such as Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. From becoming an equal partner in Barisan Nasional (BN), MCA is now the underling.
That is why Kit Siang can come in and show who’s the boss. His comrade, Dr Chen Man Hin, did that with Tan Sri Lee San Choon the last time. At least San Choon had the scrotal gumption to take on his foe.
I don’t see Soi Lek doing that. He has to rely on others to fight his battles. The DAP doesn’t have to do it. It goes looking for support as a Malaysian party, not one based on race or racial lines.

Taken from here.