Monday, March 4, 2013

[FULL STORY] Girl Reveals on FB: My Grandma Was Killed by UMNO Truck.

I got this news from says forum. The news widely spreaded by our local news too. It's now been confirmed that the vehicle did not even help the poor old woman after they hitted her with Hilux. The story became hits and viral on facebook and many online media when a girl who claimed granddaughter of the dead updated her story on facebook. 

You can read it by yourselves below here. The owner of the hilux did not offer any help to the poor old granny but only left her out to die and they went to remove the UMNO and 1Malaysia stickers on the body of the car just to make sure the accident would not mention umno involves in the case. Weird senario but didn't weird at all when it involves umno. 
According to sources, the UMNO vehicle sped into the victim's motorbike, resulting in the deadly accident. Netizens are angered at the allegations that the vehicle owner mmediately removed the UMNO and 1Malaysia car stickers and did not offer help to the victims. For now, police are investigating the case and is unwilling to respond at the moment. 

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