Monday, April 8, 2013

PRU 13 : The ABU Message.


To foreigners who have been given MYCARDs, PLEASE HEAR THIS.

ABU has issued warning to all of you... TO STAY AWAY FROM OUR POLLING STATION ON PRU-13th day. Please take this warning seriously. On polling's day, ABU's squad will be patrolling all polling stations and they will deal with all foreigners who are intend on defying this warning. Please, I emphasise again, take this warning seriously.

Another great message that has captured my heart also ; 

To Pakatan and the other Non-BN parties, that will be facing UMNO in this coming GE, please understand this. Many of us, many of the rakyat, are sacrificing much to work to bring about the regime changes, as we desired. We expect you to do the same. We expect you to do to put the interest of the rakyat before the interest of your respective parties. We do not want to see party squabbling for seats. Please don't take the vote of the rakyat for granted.

Understand this, that you get our votes by default not because we love you but because we so despise UMNO BARISAN NASIONAL and the manner in which they have cheated and robbed the rakyat all of these years. Do not take our votes for granted. You have given us promises of reforms. Deliver on those promises. 

Not to forget to all Non-BN candidates that will contest in this GE. DON'T TRY TO LOMPAT after you won the seat. Don't try to dare mess with rakyat votes. We will punish you in whatever manner as soon as you start to mess with us. 

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  1. Yeah, kita mungkin tidak mampu menyekat BN dari melakukan kerja2 kotor, tapi sekurang2nya kita mampu memenangi hati tentera2 mereka (orang asing yang diberi IC) atas dasar kemanusiaan.

    Asalkan Bukan Umno!!!